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TankSafe® South Africa

TISS Ltd was founded in 2001 in the United Kingdom. TankSafe® South Africa was launched as a joint venture in 2018 to provide a local presence on the continent. TankSafe® is manufactured in the UK and India to strict ISO standards. TankSafe® has sold over 2.3 million devices in over 60 countries.

We’re setting the standard in fuel security and safety solutions. Statistics show that the loss of fuel via siphoning, skimming, or spillage can account for 10% of your total fuel bill. This could be the difference between a profitable business and running at a loss.

Our patented anti-siphon devices are extremely effective, cost-efficient, and easy to install.

Why TankSafe® in Africa?

Diesel theft occurs in every country. What changes is the frequency of theft, the number of drivers that steal and the volume stolen.

In Africa:

  • Truck owner’s suspect that 80% of diesel theft is by their staff
  • Truck owner’s suspect that the average loss is 50L per truck per week
  • It is estimated that one TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ will pay for itself (through fuel theft prevention) in less than 4 weeks
  • If you prevent 50L of diesel theft per week per truck you save over R35k per year
    • Within 3 years you will have saved over R100k per truck
    • With 50 trucks this is a R5 Million return on investment in 3 years
    • With 500 trucks this is a R50 Million return on investment in 3 years

Global Footprint. Local Distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions


TankSafe® devices have been designed for easy installation, however, if you would prefer we install your units, this can be easily arranged within the metro areas.

Availability and Delivery

Our head office is in Durban, with a Technical and Sales support office based in Johannesburg. We deliver countrywide.

Do TankSafe® devices affect refueling speeds?

Unlike our competitors, TankSafe® devices do not impact the filling rate. A filling test can be easily arranged.

Do TankSafe® devices save you money?

Yes. The loss of fuel through theft isn’t quantifiable but it is estimated that one TankSafe® device can pay for itself (through the savings made by preventing fuel theft) in just 4 weeks. The figures balloon from there. You can save approximately 35K per truck per year.

What about Resellers?

We have a reseller network, and we’re looking to grow it. Please chat to us to find out more or how you can benefit from this.

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