A Heads Up on Protecting Your Assets with TankSafe®

Many people suggest that fitting an anti-siphon device doesn’t actually stop fuel theft, as thieves will simply gain entry another way, for instance by making a hole in the tank. This however is not necessarily true.

We asked Ken Bailey who distributes TankSafe devices (and has a rich and lengthy history in the logistics and fuel safety industries) whether this is indeed something that in his experience happens, he told us that he has never seen any evidence of such.

That being said, where there is a will there generally is a way with thieves, we will not counter this narrative – it would be disingenuous, but their options are in point of fact limited, and our job is to limit them even further.

Much like after you purchase a bike, the first accessory you add is a good helmet for your protection, so too when you buy a truck, the first accessory you should add is a good anti-siphon, in fact, no truck should go without one.

Our TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ and ‘Shield’ devices both serve as entry point deterrents. Protecting the most vital area – the filler neck.

Our Optimum ‘Next Generation’ device provides 100% protection. By way of analogy, it could be seen as a full face helmet, offering the very best possible protection.

Our Shield device is just as robust and provides vital security as well, but in line with the analogy it could be seen as a more open faced helmet. It doesn’t offer quite the same level of protection, but is more affordable.

Our TankSafe® secondary access point devices, like our SenderSafe® and DrainSafe® provide further protection, as a would be thief manoeuvres his away around a truck, trying to find a suitable point of entry.

In short, our devices offer as effective a form of protection as you can get in the market. Ours is a name that you can trust, with great care put into our design innovation and product integrity. While we may be a little more expensive than our competitors, when it comes to safety, one should never compromise.

Protect your liquid assets for less than 1% of your annual fuel bill. 

You can read more about all of our devices and the roles they serve here.

Or you can connect with us to discuss your options.

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