Robustness Tests – How Strong is Your Anti-Siphon Device?

Many anti-siphon devices are fallible. They offer a solution in theory but not in execution.

Sometimes, depending on their composition they are breakable, removable and impractical, but that is where a TankSafe anti-siphon device stands apart from the rest. There is a reason why we are the number 1 anti-siphon device word-wide, with over 1.5 million units sold.

Along with the 100% protection from siphoning, skimming and spillage that our TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ unit provides, you will also find that it (and its sister product, the TankSafe Shield) are robust and impregnable.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, you can see these devices in action by clicking on our video links below, or, you can give them a bash, literally, yourself, to see just how hardy they are.

Our ‘ankSafe® ‘Optimum’ and TankSafe® ‘Shield’ devices are both manufactured from 100% aluminium to ensure their durability even in the face of dedicated, and inventive fuel thieves.

In this video, you can see the TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ Next Generation Anti-Siphon Device being stuck with an iron rod and a hammer. It is not possible to break through the base, which means that no hose can be inserted to siphon fuel. Our unique patented float-valve locks off fuel access as well, preventing overfilling and skimming.

Our TankSafe® ‘Shield’ Device is similarly sturdy, with its solid, thick dome base, which sits high on a tank neck, it is a practical and cost-effective anti-siphon solution. Not just that, but it’s pretty close to unbreakable too. Multiple strikes from a hammer and chisel yield no results for any wannabe fuel thief.

In addition to their hardiness and longevity, our devices don’t affect fuel fill rate either and are easy to fit.

We think it may be time you gave us a call to find out which TankSafe unit is right for your fleet.

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