Stage 3 in a 3 Stage Fuel Security Lockdown

There Are 3 Stages to Complete Fuel Protection:

Stage 1. Protect the Tank Neck.

This is solved by using our TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ or ‘Shield’ devices (depending on need or budget). Our ‘Optimum’ device is the only anti-siphon device on the market that offers 100% protection from fuel spillage, siphoning, skimming, and with over 1.5 million units sold around the globe, stands proudly as the world-leading product in terms of fuel security.

Stage 2. Protect the Sender.

Stage 3. Protect the Tank Drain.

This is what we are focusing on today.

Our DrainSafe® product offers the following:
– Prevents access to fuel via the removal of the drain plug
– Anti-tamper bolt that replaces the original plug unit
– Anti-tamper banjo bolt with armoured pipe option for twin tanks
– Comes in various sizes

You can read more about all of our devices and the roles they serve here.

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Our range is designed to save you fuel and money.