TankSafe® Anti-Siphon Devices are Compatible with OEM Fuel Caps

There are many reasons why TankSafe anti-siphon devices are the best choice for you. They are the most effective solution on the market; delivering the best results while protecting fuel tanks worldwide against a lot of intrepid, some may say almost entrepreneurial, thieves who think way outside the box. However, it is the accountability, efficiency and compatibility that really set us apart. Today we want to address the last of these touch-points. At TankSafe, we pride ourselves on being able to solve your fuel theft problem, whatever that may be. In fact, our two key drivers are to save your fuel and save you money. 

TankSafe® Anti-Siphon Devices and Compatibility

Our anti-siphon devices, whether they are going in your trucks or tractors are easy to install, practically impossible to bypass (with our next generation Optimum device delivering 100% protection from siphoning, spillage, and skimming) and are pretty hoop free. For instance, all of our anti-siphons are compatible with OEM fuel caps. This means that you don’t have to worry about any additional and unnecessary expenses, to then secure the security of your fuel. Having to do that would be a bit frustrating right? It’s also a very realistic expectation with other devices on the market.  

OEM Fuel Cap vs Other Devices

Indeed, there are a number of anti-siphons out there that don’t fit the above brief; so don’t be fooled by cheap imitations or products with big promises and low accountability. You will wind up spending (and losing) more money in the long run. Yes, the little things matter, like fuel cap compatibility. They matter a lot in fact. It’s just another reason how and why we work best.

You can read more about all of our devices and the roles they serve here.

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