TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ Filling Instructions

Did you know that refuelling with a TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ device in place is as quick and easy as refuelling without one?

There is a misconception that if/when an anti-siphon is installed, it affects both fill rate and the ease at which this is carried out. In some cases, this thinking may be warranted, however, when it comes to TankSafe devices, these are needless concerns.

The point of our devices is to protect your fuel, without affecting any other part of your business, especially from a time management perspective.

To this end, our devices have been tested at speeds of up to 140 litres per minute, without splashback, wastage, spillage, or other filling issues.

Here’s how the TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ Device works:

1. Insert the dispenser into the filler neck (as per the diagram below) ensuring that the nozzle is seated at the bottom of the tube in an upright position.

2. When the nozzle is securely positioned, gradually open it to its full pressure and lock-on as per normal.

3. When the dispenser ‘clicks off’ for the first time, the fill is complete.

If the filling ‘clicks off’ earlier than expected,  withdraw the nozzle approximately 5cm, pause 2 to 3 seconds and then proceed with the steps detailed above once more.

See, quick and easy.

Please note: Diesel should not visible when full.

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