TankSafe® ‘Shield’ Your Tractor Fuel

Introducing A TankSafe® Security Solution For Your Agricultural Tractor. Shield Your Tractor Fuel.

TankSafe is the world leader in providing solutions that prevent fuel theft from externally mounted diesel tanks and therefore shield your tractor fuel.

We tend to get caught up in protecting the fuel of our larger trucks, fleets and refrigerated trailers, so sometimes overlooked is the humble tractor, which of course makes it susceptible to diesel siphoning and skimming.

Perhaps you think this isn’t too big a problem (especially with fleets on the streets demanding attention), but if you are working a farm or the agricultural sector you know how important that bottom line is and that it needs to be protected at all costs.

Saving 50 litres of diesel per week works out to a massive R33 000 saving per year, per tractor, therefore can you really afford not to look for a solution?

The TankSafe® ‘Shield’  device has been developed over 18 years with feedback and input from customers in over 60 countries, making it a truly global solution.

Our customers asked for a simple to install, inexpensive, robust anti-siphon that requires no maintenance and is compatible with the OEM cap and fills quickly, so we delivered.

The TankSafe® ‘Shield’ offers the following Unique Selling Points, which set it apart and in addition, make it your ‘best in class’ solution:

– A robust, 100% aluminium design, with a screw thread cap for easy but secure installation.
– Unique ‘teeth’ design that prevents small hoses/pipes from by-passing the unit and the entire tank being emptied.
– Solid, thick dome base to withstand attack and ensure quick refuelling.
– A short anti-siphon chamber, which when installed in the long tank neck means that no fuel is exposed and skimming is prevented.
– 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

You can read more about all of our devices and the roles they serve here.

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