The Silent Threat to Your Business

Fuel theft is a silent, and potentially deadly threat to your business. 

Research indicates that 99% of diesel theft occurs by means of diesel skimming. It’s quite possible (and in fact, some may even say likely) that your fuel is getting siphoned off without your knowledge while you read this. Some more sobering facts? You are more susceptible then you think, and the effects of the loss can be far more significant then you think as well.

Diesel Skimming is essentially the process by which dishonest drivers, workshop and/or security staff, remove 10-25L of diesel, two or three times a week from a full tank. This is easily done when there is either a sub-standard or no anti-siphon device fitted.

What does this mean for you and your fleet?

  • It is suspected that the average loss of diesel is 50L per truck per week
  • In line with the above stat, you are then losing up to R33 000 per truck per annum.
  • Saving those 50l per truck for 36 months = R100 000 per truck.
  • Our TankSafe solutions start at R1 395 per tank, which is a nominal cost by comparison. Essentially, they pay for themselves, through the money you save in preventing fuel theft, in a very short period of time.

If you feel you might be at risk, we would like to engage with you on your existing fleet or on your next truck purchase, so please give us a call or mail us.

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