There’s a Reason Why 1.5 Million Trucks Fit TankSafe®

There Is A Reason Why 1.5 Million Tanks Are Fitted With TankSafe® Units Worldwide.

In fact, there are several.1. Our TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ Next Generation anti-siphon device is the only one on the market to offer 100% protection from fuel theft in the form of siphoning and skimming. This is thanks in part to our unique patented float valve.2. Quick and easy fitment.3. Fast fuelling. In fact, our units don’t affect fuel flow rate at all and have been tested up to 140l per minute. Our devices can and will save you and your fleet money with a staggering ROI. Call us to speak to one of our fuel security experts and get a free, no-strings quote. We also do device trade-ins (that’s how much we believe in what we sell, and a reason why you should too).

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