Time for an Anti-Siphon Device Check?

You Did The Right Thing by adding fuel protection measures to your fleet.

But have you checked on them recently? Unfortunately using cheaper alternatives means that they are susceptible to sabotage and/or damage. Let’s lock down your security measures by doing a quick ‘Fuel Security Check,’ (take a look at the below Q & A) which could save you money in the long term.

TankSafe are the world leader in fuel security, and with over 1.5 million units sold around the globe, we are so sure of our products and their value to your business that we are willing to offer a Trade-In on your current anti-siphon device. Call us or mail us to speak to a fuel security specialist or for more info on this offer and how we can help your fleet.

You can read more about all of our devices and the roles they serve here.

Or you can connect with us to discuss your options.