Where Global Reach Meets Local Needs

Here are some facts:

1.8 million devices sold worldwide.

60 countries where ours is the trusted brand.

100% protection from fuel siphoning, skimming and spillage. 

50 litres (without a TankSafe device in place), is the estimated diesel theft per truck, per week, resulting in a loss of up to R33K per year. 

TankSafe is a brand that has been created to fulfil a specific need. To prevent the theft of your liquid assets. 

Thanks to constant innovation, our range has been setting the standard in fuel security and safety solutions worldwide for 2 decades. 

It is tried, tested and trusted just about everywhere on the map, with a truly global footprint. However thanks to local distribution it is a product that is sold with an understanding of our own markets, fleets, processes and practices. That’s invaluable.

It may cost a little more than other similar devices, but it more than pays for itself with the money you save by cutting your fuel losses more effectively than any other anti-siphon device out there. 

Choose the anti-siphon that the world chooses. It is efficient and robust, widely regarded as the best and the most reliable on the market, no matter where you are.   

There are TankSafe offices in Africa, the Americas, India and the United Kingdom. 

You can read more about all of our devices and the roles they serve here.

Or you can connect with us directly to discuss your options.